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Falcon S1 Police Body Camera

The Falcon S1 is the newest addition to the Bell Tronics solution, and packed with advantages. The Falcon S1 is waterproof and rated at IP66. It has automatic night vision capability that can see and record in pitch-black darkness, built-in GPS stamp for every video and photo file. The camera has pre-record ensuring everything is captured. Weighing only 125gr, the Falcon S1 is an ultra-light device that features a whopping 11-hour battery, high-resolution recording, data encryption technology, a 360-degree rotatable clip, covert recording and visual, sound and vibration Indicators, and more.


Human voice prompt for start /stop recording, low battery 

AES 256 encryption of data,

Electronics Image Stabilization

Battery life up to 12 hours in pre-record mode*

Low light Recording at 0.1 lux, can be set auto, ON/OFF

H.264/H.265 coding, reducing storage space by 50%

Field of view: 140°

Pre-record customized up to 120 seconds**

Top Status display to indicate camera info

Resolution: 1440p/1270p/1080p/720p/480p

Quick key start video recording button

Stealth Mode, manual audio mute

Covert mode to support lights off

32/64/128 GB internal memory storage

Rugged design to IP66

Wi-Fi® connectivity, live streaming*

Type C output, wall and vehicular chargers

GPS location services

Mounting options for multiple uniform types

 * 720p resolution 25P

**Optional/customize, special order

12 hr Recording Battery*

Vibration and Visual Confirmations Alerts

The Falcon S1 has vibration confirmation when activating and de-activating recording and Human voice alert for start , stop recording, camera on, camera off, low battery.  At any time, an officer can look down onto the top of the unit at the status LCD to confirm if the camera is ON, recording, storage status, battery status, IR, GPS, WiFi. The Falcon police camera can record up 30 hours of video at 1440HD resolution, as well as simultaneously capture still photos.

Emergency One Touch Record 

The Falcon S1 can start recording immediately in case the camera is OFF. To begin recording audio and video, the officer simply need to press for 3 sec on the front button.

Advanced Pre -Record with Audio

The unit also features configurable pre-record at 1440P resolution with audio. In the event an officer is under a stressful situation and forgets to turn on the camera, this feature will capture what happened before the unit was powered on, making sure nothing is left unrecorded.

Night Vision Capability

The Falcon S1 features infrared LEDs for lowlight and night time situations. Night vision is configurable and can be turned on or off according to each department's policies.

Switch Instantly from Body Camera to In-Car Camera

The Falcon S1 can also be used as a police car dash camera with suction mount. Simply attach it to the camera and mount it on the vehicle windshield mount.


Smart Docking Station

The Falcon DS-2 Smart Docking Station takes body camera technology to a whole new level.  Once docked, the DS-2 automatically detects up to 8 body cameras and begins uploading videos to our Digital Evidence Management System. Once complete, the DS-2 proceeds to delete all data on the camera and charges it for maximum efficiency.

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